Poop Culture 99 – As Seen on TV


Act Now! Fellow Poopers! Because on episode 99 of The Poop Culture Podcast the Pitch Men of Poo draft up their favorite “As Seen On TV” Items! Just what are “Space age Polymers” and why are they so damn good! Would you buy a product called a “CockPot” ? Is that Freedom Rock? Well…Turn it up, Man! Marc James fondly remembers some classic vinyl from TV! Do your blankets need to protect your loved ones from chemical weapons? Do you think you could you get a decent haircut from a vacuum, or would it “suck” ? The answers to these questions and more on this very episode…BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! The guys explore the pros, cons and many uses of the Flowbee! Mancrush announces that there may be a way for you, the listener to receive a “FJ” from the Poop Culture Club…but would you want one? Beau Becraft blows up a product called the Slob Stopper..its not what you think but Shawbag6 seems to like it!