Poop Culture 92 – Brian O’Halloran of Clerks!


In this 92nd installment of the Poop Culture Podcast the decadent boys of the stall delve deep into Brian O’Halloran! You may know Brian as Dante in Clerks, and 47 other Hicks characters from the View Askew universe! The boys and Brian talk about his love for the Rangers, what life is like for a Jets fan, the worst job he ever had, Clerks, the party life of convention stars, and how to deposit a check for .06 cents. Brian also weighs in on the ill fated Clerks cartoon, Clerks 3, the Jay and Silent Bob reboot & Mall Brats. Just when can we expect The O’Hallorant podcast to drop? Finally, Brian is the first guest to ever check in on Shawbag, as his bizarre silence and staring freaks everyone out. Tune into the Poop Culture Podcast a part of the Poop Culture Extended Universe!