Poop Culture 92 and a half – Crap jobs


In Part 1 we spoke with Brian O’Halloran who played Dante in Kevin Smiths Clerks! So in honor of our guest we bring you Part II of this great episode! Where we examine the worst jobs to have in 2017 on this weeks episode of Showdown!
What do the boys of sewer think the worst jobs to have are? How many of these have they had the disprivilege of having? Beau Becraft re-joins us for this part of show after an “eating engagement” Marc James is apparently a real Tree Hugger and what happened behind the counters of places Shawbag and Mancrush worked at. The guys talk about the strange things that have been found inside peoples anus. Eric Mocker may have some experience in that field come to find out. Is Shawbag6 wants to have his own taxi cab confessions? Breaking News! Parking lot attendants at Grateful Dead shows are not the most qualitty employees. WTF is a mechanical cow and they are not used to milk what you may think. Is working at Wal-Mart worse than cleaning rat cages? Could Eric Mocker handle the high-pressure job of working at Subway? What is proper etiquette if your Tinder date has that “not so fresh” smell? Just how bad did Shawbag6’s first day of work as a nurse get and what was he able to quit cold turkey? We discuss the plight of the American Farmer. Marc James gets choked up about Nuclear Decontamination. You wont believe what we waited to select last and why is it so dirty? If you are stuck in one of these horrible jobs you can look better doing it if you sport a new T-Shirt from Smyrx.net a favorite of the Poop Culture Extended Universe. Use the code PCEU at the checkout for 15% Off!