Poop Culture 178 – Poop News Vol. 15


Welcome back inside the Poop News center for the latest breaking installment from the stalls. We are spanning the globe this week to bring you all the news you did not know you didn’t need to know. Rick Mancrush, Marc James and Beau Becraft are back behind the Poop News desk again this week with more great stories from Florida and more stories about penes than you can shake a stick at! Find out about some new products, one of which claims they can manipulate your wife into having sex with you more! Marc James recounts a creepy story about a man standing outside in the cold with just a pillow. Elections in the State of Vermont have taken an unexpected turn and another athlete goes down to performance-enhancing drugs but you will not believe what sport this was for! Listen for all these great stories and so much more on this episode of Poop Culture!