Poop Culture 176 – Mr. Skin’s 20th Annual Anatomy Awards


He’s Back!, Mr. Skin stops by the stalls to talk about his 20th Annual Anatomy Awards! This is the awards show you should be paying attention to, not that Acadamy stuff because here we all win! The bunch breaks down the best of the breast of this years top nude scenes from the worlds of film and television. Find out all the winners on this episode of great categories such as Best Merkin, Best Butt Munch, and Best Rear Burger! Mr. Skin also unveils who will win the coveted Lifetime Skinchievement Award for 2019! Listen as Rick Mancrush, Marc James and Beau Becraft give their thoughts on this year’s award winners and the guys may have come up with a way to stump Mr. Skin at his own game! All of this and much more on this great episode of Poop Culture!