Poop Culture 173 – Poop News Vol. 14


Welcome back inside the Poop News center for yet another installment from the stalls. We are spanning the globe this week to bring you all the news you did not know you didn’t need to know. Rick Mancrush, Marc James and Beau Becraft sit behind the Poop News desk again this week, with updates on past stories and a few new stories coming to you this week that might as well just be P.S.A’s. We take our regular trip down to Florida, where one teen pulls out all the stops. Mancrush brings us an unforgettable tale of a close encounter of the rear kind! How much you want for ransom if you were kidnapped, just asking for a friend. A new report on Therapy Pets may have you second guessing this whole thing! We hear a story about Dwayne Johnson and meth that you will not want to miss and you won’t believe what Universal Studios has blowing out their butt! Hear all these great stories are more on this week informative and irrevent episode of Poop Culture.