Poop Culture 172- Brawl in the Stall


This week Fellow Poopers, the Horsemen of the Pooocalypse (Rick Mancrush, Marc James & Beau Becraft) bring you the Brawl in the Stall!
Get ready to ramble as we randomly enter some of the all-time great and not so great pro-wrestlers of all time in our very own Rumble! Beau Becraft unveils the possible secret origins of The Beast, Brock Lesnar! Listen as we randomly call them down to the ring and reminisce about the classic heroes of the squared circle as only Poop Culture can! We recant some unbelievable stories and tales from the road from our favorite superstars! Who do you think was the best of all time and did we pick him or did they get the sub? Only one way to find out, Slapnuts! Listen to the Brawl in the Stall and help us pick a winner on this great episode of Poop Culture!

The Proceeding Announcement Has Been Paid For By The New World Order…