Poop Culture 170 – Poop News Vol. 13


This week we bring you another stellar installment of Poop News as we span the globe to bring you the constant variety of news you did not know, you didn’t need to know. We check in across the pond and down under for some shocking news stories you just have to hear to believe.
We start off our show this week taking a look at movie challenges based on ’80’s and ‘90’s movies that we are glad we never tried! We hear about a man who can’t get enough to eat in the back seat of a cop car and how you can get a chance to get paid and show off your wiener at the same time. Then we hear stories about two ladies, one classy and one not so much. A literal horny guy just wants to find love in all the wrong places and a dad who just wants to find love for his three sons, and himself. Then we break some news on breaking things and a bloody tale of the bizzare. Hear all of these great stories and so much more on this great episode of Poop Culture.