Poop Culture 167 – 2019 Predictions


As we sit on the verge of 2019 the Prognosticators of Poop once again dump out their predictions for the year the lies ahead. What will 2019 bring to the worlds of pop culture, music, TV, movies and more? Listen as Rick Mancrush, Marc James and Beau Becraft once again gaze into the crystal bowl to tell you what to be on the lookout for in the next year. The crew for sees some pretty awful deaths and some pretty awful remakes coming soon to a large and small screen near you. Will Aquaman break the DC Universe or will it pair well with a new Joker film to elevate DC to a new darker place? We tell you what new Disney film will break all records! Some great bands will hit the road next year but will they all survive? We explore the topic of space and what we think we will see up there next and the answer may shock you! Do you think we will see the fall of the mighty NFL? Listen as we guess the outcome of American sports! All of these topics and so much more, as usual, this week on Poop Culture!