Poop Culture 165 – Poop News Vol. 11


Extra! Extra! Hear all about it! When the Horsemen of the Poopocolypse drop a hot one, hot off the presses! In yet another can’t miss episode of Poop News! Rick Mancrush, Marc James, and Beau Becraft are back bringing you all the news you did not know you needed to know! We trek around the globe as explorers consume some extinct meat, or do they? Once again, we see the return of a topic that just won’t stay out of the news for some reason! This is so severe that we may have to rename Poop News forever! From Breaking Bathrooms to Breaking Bad we have it all in this episode, as well as a trip down south for some crazy Florida news! A round of Poop Culture Hang-Man baffles the boys as we try to decipher some British bad language. Then we examine the wonders of porn for the blind, but do not expect to watch it at this public place! All this and so much more on this brand new installment from the stalls of Poop Culture.