Poop Culture 164 – Not Seen on TV


On this very installment from the stalls, the Horsemen of the Poopocolypse are joined by Mike Ranger from the Video Rangers Podcast to help us sort through some of the most controversial TV episodes of all time! We take you on a extremely informal walk through the episodes that shocked us and amazed us over the years. Do they still hold up or will the scandal now be a laughable family matter? Mike Ranger helps us out by clues to the controversial shows but stumbles upon some brief commercial interruption. We see the return of quite a few of our animated friends as well as a few new neighbors. Some bare bottoms and a little side boob peak out on network TV. Then we look at the safety merits of West Philadelphia vs Bel Air. All of this and so much more inside this unforgettable episode of Poop Culture.

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