Poop Culture 163 – Holiday Poop-Libs


On this week’s installment from the stalls. The guys recover from the holiday feast and celebrate with a few Hot Ticket items. Rick Mancrush goes deep undercover and breaks a new story about what men are now doing at the urinals! We talk about the idiots who wait in line for days just to save fifty bucks from Best Buy on Black Friday! Then we issue a new challenge game to all our listeners that get back at all of those annoying spam calls and e-mails! Marc James talks about the holiday horrors of finding things in retail stores. Then, Marc gives a unique take on mortality. The gang brings back a listener requested a favorite feature, Poop-Libs! Listen as the holiday hijinks ensue as we create some brand new Poop – Libs based off of some of our favorite Christmas time movie classics in an unforgettable segment that proves to be a tale as old as time! All this an much more on this episode of Poop Culture!