Poop Culture 161 – Poop News Vol. 10


This week Fellow Poopers we are spanning the globe to bring you the constant quality of crap you demand! It’s time for another Poop News Dump! This week the Bastions of Boogers (Rick Mancrush, Marc James and Beau Becraft) break the news you did not know, you needed to know! Stories this week reach around the world and back again and along the way, someone got poo on their shoe! Beau Becraft busts open the story of Black Market Porta-Potties and are there possible links to something called Pimp My Porta? In our PSA for the week Rick Mancrush warns you of the dangers of eating something everyone can find in their own backyards.Finally, We check in with this year’s inductions into the Toy Hall of Fame all wrapped up with some deep shower thoughts that will leave you pondering! All this and so much more inside this edition of Poop Culture.

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