Poop Culture 160 – Remake, Rewatch, Return


On this week’s show, we bring you a recap of our epic Tournament of Terror and we dive back into some fine feature films with Remake, Rewatch, Return! Rick Mancrush, Marc James and Beau Becraft bring you through each round you voted for in our “Tournament of Terror” on the Dueling Decades Facebook page! Who won and did things go as planned, or were there some shakeups in the mix? Did people really die in the Evil Dead house? Rick Mancrush breaks it all down for us death blow by death blow as we total up the body count and see if that equates to who you voted for in the end! Then we move onto movies of all genres, as Mike Ranger from the Video Rangers Podcast supplied us with some great topics to select three films that we will ultimately Remake, Rewatch or Return them!

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