Poop Culture 159 – Midterm Madness 2018


This week on the show, the Horsemen of the Pooocalypse look toward the Midterm elections and the outrageousness of some candidates campaigns catchphrases and unbelievable tactics. Rick Mancrush, Marc James and Beau Becraft break down all of their favorite not-so-great attempts at public office. From Top Gun parodies to political parties that proved to be not so popular! One guy has a complete meltdown on camera worthy of a WWE Title shot that you just have to hear to believe! Is honesty still the best policy in political advertising, was it ever we call back to elections long forgotten but some of these monumental fails will live on in forever in comedy heaven. What other issues are on the ballot this year for you care about? We check in with David Strauss The Prophet of Profits to find out how we can make some cash betting on this year’s midterms! What states have the best odds to legalize Cannabis next? Remember to register and vote!

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