Poop Culture 149 – What is Dr. Stool Telling Us


This week Dr. Stool himself, Anish Sheth, MD stops by the stall to join Rick Mancrush & Marc James for a fun, frank and informative talk! This may be our most educational episode ever! Dr. Stool drops the knowledge on all the questions you have always wanted to ask your doctor about poop! But, were afraid to ask!

Did you know, Louis the 14th was known for doing something that is completely unbelievable but true!? Dr. Sheth tells us about a few of the great historical poop facts from his book. How many times should you “go” in a day! WWF and WCW legend Goldberg says he goes how many times per day?! Find out what the good doctor has to say about that and if it is normal. Find out why a U.S. President had his stools collected by the Secret Service. Wait, what?!

Dr. Stool finds an amazing correlation between how funny our show is and the quality of our craps, this you gotta hear! Oh yeah, do you have fecal matter on your tooth brush?! Think again! We revisit a Poop News story with Dr. Sheth to get his input on these outputs! Dr. Sheth tells us how they do fart research, yes that is a real thing!

This ones super important – When should you get your first colonoscopy? All of these answers and more! Deep inside this great episode of Poop Culture brought to you by friends of the show SPUNK Lube and Bio Bidet visit them today!