Poop Culture 147 – Garbage Gimmick Battle Royal


In this “Shocking” no holds barred installment from the stalls the Poop Culture Crew go through some of the worst professional wrestling gimmicks of all time in our – Garbage Gimmick Battle Royal!

A “Real American” Rick Mancrush along with the other Horsemen of the Poopocalypse “Booger” Beau Becraft and the physical embodiment of the entire Dungeon of Doom, Marc James guide you through our picks for some of the most atrocious ideas ever concocted from the powers that be in WWE (WWF), WCW, ECW, TNA, and Japan.

Who made the cut? Was there an “Ultimate” champion crowned and what do you do with a 7’4 guy who can’t play basketball or wrestle apparently? Who was the real career killer in WCW and ECW? Will our picks do Mortal Kombat inside the squared circle or just be written off before their big push? We take a look at the long history of the Rhodes family, Alternative identities, and BBW’s.

What era of Professional wrestling do you think was the best? “Repossess” our picks and tell us your own on social media or on the Poop Line – 914-505-7667 and unlike the WCW Hotline it does NOT cost $1.49 per minute. This episode is once again brought to your by our friends of the program SPUNK Lube. Visit them at www.spunklube.com and lube up before you wrestle!