Poop Culture 146 – Sneak Peek at Summer of 84 the Movie


Every serial killer lives next to someone and this week on Poop Culture we give you a sneak preview of the upcoming film “Summer of 84” that explores that terrifying topic and will be released in theaters on Aug 10th. Rick Mancrush, Marc Jame and Beau Becraft are joined by writers of “Summer of 84’ Matt Leslie and Stephen J. Smith to talk about this great film that all three of the Horsemen of the Poopocalypse could not get enough of! We talk about the film and the process of getting it made. The locations where the movie was shot and how they achieved that authentic 1984 signature look on such a realistic scale. Matt and Stephen talk about their inspirations for the movie and how some real life situations helped shape the story! Hear what is was like to work with the Directing Trio of
François Simard, Anouk Whissell and Yoann-Karl Whissell who also gave us the hit Turbo Kid! Then we bring back and old segment from a lost episode when we play a shocking and sobering round of “Movies Beau Has Never Seen!” Stay locked in for this one Fellow Poopers much like Summer of 84 it’s a fun, nostalgic wild ride! This week’s episode is brought to you by friends of the show, SPUNK Lube! Visit them at www.spunklube.com – Personal Lubricants for Sexual Adults!