Poop Culture 143 – In Search of the Last Action Heroes


Do you like films like Bloodsport, Robocop, Rambo and Aliens? If you just said “Hell Yeah!” Then you don’t want to miss this explosive episode of The Poop Culture Podcast. Because our guests this week are the writer/director and producer of the upcoming explosive documentary film “In Search of the Last Action Heroes” Oliver Harper and Robin Block.

Hear how and why this movie is going to be the most comprehensive feature-length documentary on the 1980’s Action Movie Genre ever made! Rick Mancrush, Marc James and Beau Becraft go through the incredible list of stars and Action Movie icons that have signed on to be part of this amazing film project including Michael Biehn, Richard Donner, Phillip Rhee, Cynthia Rothrock, Sam Firstenberg, Eric Roberts, Al Leong, Bill Duke, William Sadler, Peter McDonald, David Worth and many many more!

Find out how you can still support the documentary and get some incredible rewards on their Kickstarter page. Listen to this episode then follow Oliver Harper on YouTube for some great content to give you just a taste of what is in store for “In Search of the Last Action Heroes” Then Oliver and Robin stay up late into the night to play a game of “Bad Movie Review Trivia”. Try to guess along, as we try to figure out movie titles from their bad original newspaper reviews!

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