Poop Culture 141 – Poop News DUMP for June


This week in the stall, the Horsemen of the Poopocalypse mount up to deliver a good ole’ fashion Poop News Dump. We start the week off with a quick game of Where in the World is Beau Becraft! Hear all about Beau’s travels abroad and his expert review of the cuisine in Italy! What? You don’t think he just ate at Burger King did you? Marc James is back this week with an absolutely nut busting update on his whereabouts from last week as well.

Beau Becraft starts off Poop News this week with a story about huffing poop aka Jenkem! Rick Mancrush wants to know who the 1st person to try this was? A man in The Great White North of Canada is selling Hotdog flavored water and Rev. Jim Bakker has the cure for venereal disease – ALL of them. We once again hear from our friends at KFC, no they did not launch something into space this time. Here is a tip, don’t ask the Police to test the quality of your methamphetamine and don’t cut your ears off so you look like a Bird. Some of these….ok, just about all of these stories this week you have to hear to believe.

This weeks friends of the program

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