Poop Culture 138 – The Cocksmiths Ball


On episode 138 of The Poop Culture Podcast we celebrate some of the great and not so great feats of sexual prowess as we honor the few who have had many. This is the Cocksmith’s Ball!

What legendary swordsmen will make our list? Rick Mancrush, Marc James and Beau Becraft serve as your tourguides through the tasteless as we talk about a founding fathers frequent flings and stars of the silver screen who could make them scream! Who put the “dic” in dictator? You will have to listen, because you will never believe this one! Beau Becraft helps us unravel a Poop Culture Mystery as we look at the hypothesis that all breakup songs are actually about….who? Oh! Cut! It! Out! Was Wilt really the greatest off all time on and off the court? What about the men of our time like John Mayer and Orlando Bloom and who from That 70’s Show made this list? Hint: It was Red, or was it? We throw out a challenge to #ladypodsquad to give us the female equivalent of our list! What leading ladies could take the cake? Who shows up on multiple lists for the men and the women? What legendary European rocker’s escapades include a little Eiffel Tower action! It’s no big secret that Warren Beatty was not just Dick Tracy,

This episode was brought to you by Glyde condoms, remember to be safe – http://www.glydeamerica.com AND Movie Showdown the game – http://movieshowdownapp.com on iOS