Poop Culture 137 – Waxing Poetic with Wax


This week Poopers, legendary rapper, writer, producer, podcaster, and comedian – WAX joins us as our honorary 4th Horsemen of the Poopocalypse for this episode.

We have Wax chime in on a few Poop News stores with us as we hear about a woman who poops on floor at a Tim Hortons, Bad restaurant food, and is it acceptable to eat Italian food at Denny’s? Apparently a man broke into Taco Bell to steal what we could just get at the store? Wax helps us unlock the secret behind Taco Bell! Wait till you hear this shocking discovery!

Then we flip the switch and get into the hard hitting questions! We talk about YouTube vs A1 Steak Sauce? Wax talks about the origins of his career and where he came from. Rick Mancrush brings up a mutual friend of the show we share, Brandon Hardesty of the Bumpin’ Uglies! Breaking News! Poop Culture Podcast to arrange possible collaborations between Wax and Bumpin Uglies?! Stay tuned, Fellow Poopers!

We hear about some massive “Lays”offs from a Pepsi Co. subsidiary and Wax helps us make sense of it all! Then Beau Becraft has the most genius idea for a remake of a movie of all time, starring Wax! Wax talks us through his favorite albums and tracks and how the songs he sings are full of meaning to many of his loyal fans and the philosophy behind his music. We talk about how we both deal with bad reviews and what would Wax do if he was not rappin’ for a livin’! Then we surprise Wax with the very first Poop Culture Rap Battle!! Wax gets challenged by Mike Ranger from the Video Rangers Podcast! This is a must hear battle that will go down in history as….well..something. Stay tuned and hear a live performance by Wax! All of this and so much more on this week’s episode all brought to you by our good friends at SMYRX.NET and Movie Showdown at MOVIESHOWDOWNAPP.COM