Poop Culture 136 – Wheeler Walker Jr.


Come on in and put yer boots up, Fellow Poopers. This week the Horsemen of the Poopocalypse welcome Wheeler Walker Jr. into stall for and episode that is real, raw and raunchy the only way we know how to do it here on the Poop Culture Podcast! Wheeler opens up about his success, career and most importantly his Ram Truck! We shoot the poop about how it’s now 2018 and we don’t have time for metaphors! Hear the story of how Wheeler was sent to save Country Music. This week we are also joined by the Big, Bald, Brokeback, Badass himself Beau Becraft, Host of the Beaucephus Broadcast. Beau brings is wealth of country music knowledge to the table to help out Marc and The Mancrush. Wheeler answers the hard questions about the Judds and Adele’s Juggs! Hear his responses to our very special round of F_, Marry or Duet! Wheeler give his tips on how to please a woman orally in the only way Wheeler knows how! We talk about how Cheerios is like country music and Why does modern country suck so bad! Although Cheerios are pretty good. Get the details on his tour with Kid Rock and his friendship with Snoop Dogg. Find out why you may know Wheeler from PornHub! Wheeler Walker Jr. talks about people who listen to radio still. For the sake of brevity, here is a list off just a few of the people that Wheeler Walker Jr. dumps on this episode. Lanco, Sam Hunt, Florida Georgia Line, Mitchell Tenpenny, Blacktop South, Sugarland, Guns N’ Roses, Dan and Shay, Jordan Davies and of course the gang of grunge here at the Poop Culture Podcast!

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