Poop Culture 127 – Remembrance to retail


This week Fellow Poopers, Rick Mancrush and Marc James take time to eulogize some of the great landmarks of retail! The recent loss of Toy ‘R Us has got the guys looking back at some of their favorite stores and shopping memories. Will the next generation of the work force be soft, due to not working real retail? We think so, and we have a few good reasons to back it up! We talk catalog shopping, classic toys, Musaik, and yes even Blueberry Muffins! Please come and pay your respects with us, to all the great retail stores we have lost over the years. Did we miss one of your favorite stores? Lets us know! On Twitter and or Facebook! This episode brought to you by Sudio Headphones. Order yours now at Sudio(dot)com and use promo code POOPCULTURE at checkout for 15% OFF!