Poop Culture 125 – Mr. Skin’s 19th Annual Anatomy Awards


It’s episode 125 of the mighty, Poop Culture Podcast and this week the Gang of Grunge prepare for the Glitz, Glamour and the Garmentless! Mr. Skin is back on the program this time to unveil his 19th Annual Anatomy Awards! Listen as Mr. Skin breaks down this year’s categories, winner, and losers! In honor of Mr. Skins return to the program, we put him to the test against our very own Marc James and Shawbag6 with some nude trivia! Spoilers! It does not go well for the Poop Culture crew when they challenge the master! Find out what shocking dirty body party grosses out Rick Mancrush! Find out what Material Girl won this year’s coveted Lifetime Skinchievement Award! This episode is brought to you by our friends at BossBidet.com and the good people at www.Sudio.com where you can use promo code POOPCULTURE for 15%off!