Poop Culture 122 – Hot Products of 2018


On this week installment from the stalls, we take a look at what we think are going to be the Hot New Products in 2018! This week Rick Mancrush, Marc James and Shawbag6 are joined by Mike host of The Recasting Couch Podcast. Mike answered our call and wants to join the Poop Culture crew full time! So Mancrush and Marc James put him on the spot with an irreverent impromptu interview, Poop Culture style!
Then we breakdown what will be flying off store shelves in 2018! Will be see the rise of the robotic dog? Or perhaps will Coffee products rein supreme. Find new ways to help around the house and take comfort that soon you will be able to binge on your favorite junk foods again. Will we see new groundbreaking technology be the standouts in 2018 or will items that just improve on existing everyday items break through? Stay tuned to find out fellow Poopers! This one is a wild ride and it is all brought to you by Camsoda(dot)com. Visit us on the World Wide Web at poopculture(dot)com where you can check out all the shows on the Poop Culture Extended Universe!