Poop Culture 120 – Making the band


You wanted the best, you got the best! The Hottest Podcast in the land…The Poop Culture Podcast is back with another week in Irreverent Improper Improv! This week the Four Horsemen on the Poopocalypse select their very own Super Groups one with alive rockstars and a second with stars past. Rick Mancrush, Marc James, Shawbag6 and Eric Mocker take you pick by pick as we assemble our ultimate rock teams.
We get a Mancrush Cancer update! Did Kadrolsha Ona predict Rick Mancrush’s cancer, maybe dowsing rods can find more than water after all! Then, Rick brings back Hot Ticket items with a couple of scorchers! How many Asian repairman can you fit in the standard Samsung washing machine anyway? Once again, we find ourselves going back to Bidet Talk! All of this and so much more on this episode brought to you by CamSoda.com and Valt.io