Poop Culture 119 -The Failed Pilot


This week in the stall we draft our favorite Failed TV Show Pilots, No not Joe Hackett! But shows that just did not make the cut. We are joined this week by Jimmy host of The Pilots and Petards Podcast as well as Mike Ranger from the PCEU’s very own Video Rangers Podcast!
But first, we get to the AFC NFC Championships, The Puppy Bowl and the fact that Zach Morris was a predator. Jimmy tells us what Pilots and Petards about. Find out what the worst pilot Jimmy has seen are and what shows caught his interest and got him hooked at the first taste.
There was almost a Clerks TV Series with Jim Breuer! Kevin Smith and the View Askewniverse on the small screen. Netflix & VHS tapes? Practical or piss poor planning, you decide!

Hear what happens when Revenge of The Nerds meets Saved By The Bell! Don’t forget to tune in to “Heil Honey I’m Home” The Hitler Sitcom. Once again on the Poop Culture Podcast, we debate the comedic stylings of Tom Green and we lament about our universal love for Pauly Shore! We tackle the flop of the XFL on opening night. Will it be Tebow time once again in the XFL. What about Johnny Football? How do you think a opening night matchup of Manziel VS Tebow would do? How about the Heavyweight QB matchup of Jared Lorenzen VS JaMarcus Russell? Sally Struthers can’t act but she sure can raise money for some kids in Africa!
Mike Ranger talk about yet another All in The Family spin off. Small Wonder might of been the worst show ever, so says Mike Ranger but Marc James see a much darker version of the show.
What happens when you give Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Owen Wilson money to play with? We are gifted with the wonders that is Heat Vision and Jack! Don’t fail yourself and miss out on some of these shows! This episode is brought to you by BioBidet and Camsoda.com Please subscribe and review on iTunes! www.poopculture.com