Poop Culture 118 – The 2018 Flushie Awards


This week fellow poopers the foul foursome give you a front row seat to the 2018 Flushie Awards! Listen as we discuss this years top new stories that prove the fact that some people are indeed to stupid to live. Once again Beaucephus himself, Beau Becraft from The Beaucephus Broadcast joins the Poop Culture crew to help with this very special commemorative episode. We start out this years show by handing out the 2018 “Lit” award for dumbassery and we unfortunately see the return of the Tide Pod Challenge. We hand out award for most disappointing time whipped cream exploded on a girls chest and other awards involving small appliances, wild animals, Snapchat, toilet paper rage and of course, hot dogs! We look at the best uses for Flex Seal! Rick Mancrush gives us a movie recommendation from Amazon Prime. Shawbag6 hands out an award to a real Burning man and apparently the NYC subway system has a living stick on Garfield. Listen to all the great awards and shenanigans on this week’s episode of the Poop Culture Podcast brought to you by our friends at BioBidet visit them at biobidet.com. Find all of the great shows on The Poop Culture Extended Universe at poopculture.com