Poop Culture 117 – Bidet the Earth Stood Still


This week on your new weekly constitutional, Alan from BioBidet stops by the show to dispel the rumors and to dispense the bidet knowledge like a majestic fountain, made from pure awesomeness. Rick Mancrush & Marc James are joined by PCEU brother in arms Darel of the Bro-Rons Podcast. We talk about how Smart Toilet seats will change your life. This is something the guys of the PCEU know all too well! BioBidet wants to Bring Clean Asses to the Masses! #cleanassestothemasses Find out how you can WIN a bidet from BioBidet & Poop Culture!
Then hell breaks every which way but loose when we mashup some of our favorite movies into new masterpieces. Find out what films are not going to be coming to a theater near you as we describe the action you will be missing out on. What are some of your favorite movie mashups that we missed? Let us know on social media or call 914-505-7667!
Vist www.biobidet.com for more info on how you can get one in your home!