Poop Culture 115 – Predictions for 2018


This week the Prognosticators of Poop peer into the crystal bowl and predict the headlines of 2018! We start things off this week with Random Ranting With Rick and The problems with gift cards. The Poop Culture crew pitch the perfect idea for what to do with those leftover gift cards!
It looks like in 2018 we will see the fall of the TV Entertainment world, and PCEU members will be called into action! Find out who the new hosts of some of your favorite shows are going to be according to the prophet Rick Mancrush. What PCEU show will lead the way in Intergalactic News in 2018? Marc James predicts what we will see from not one but two upcoming X-Men films! How will The New Mutants fare against X-Men: Dark Phoenix? What pop divas do Marc James & Rick Mancrush think should of played Storm in the first go-round of the X-Men movie franchise? How much money do we think the remake of Predator will make? The Mancrush drops a monster of a theory on the plot of Creed 2: Electric Boogaloo! Will some of your favorite superheroes bite the bullet in Disney’s aka Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War Part 1:Electric Boogaloo, find out who the gang thinks death has come for. Following that one thing is fantastically clear, in 2018 we will see many changes in the fashion in which we flaunt our facial follicles. Shawbag6 alerts us to something called the Canadian Tuxedo and what blow job aid device does he hope is on its way back? We want to see a reboot of Saved By The Bell in 2018 but this time do it for the adults! So many predictions in this episode, but which do you think will come true? You’ll have to listen to find out! This episode was brought to you by Valt and Bio Bidet! Make sure Poop Culture doesn’t suffer at the hands of the Wheel of Misfortune and safely store all your passwords at www.valt.io/poop! Also, check the Poop Culture Twitter @poopculture and win a bidet from Bio Bidet! Stop wiping and start spraying your anus with soothing warm water!