Poop Culture 114 – 90’s Cyber Cafe – December ’92


The Cyber Cafe is open for business and the Poop Culture crew wax poetic about December of 1992 to kick off a new monthly feature on the program. Carlos from Be Kind and Rewind Podcast joins Shawbag6, Marc James and Rick Mancrush to lend his 90’s expertise. Did anyone actually ever use a Cyber Cafe? How did kids spend their time in 1992? How does that compare to the lazy ass kids of today? We talk about journalist, writer and porno actress with horrible aim, Amy Fisher.Shawbag6 takes a look into the Sears catalog wish book, and pick out a Tape Holder and American Gladiators toys! We uncover some super rare Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys that even Carlos has never seen! The Dinosaurs TV show was totally like a bedrock bummer, dude! We rundown our favorite classic consoles and games. C’Mon Man! Sega, Super Nintendo and the rare TurboDuo! Games we picked were Super Tecmo Bowl, Altered Beast, NBA Live 95, Streets of Rage just to name a few. Shawbag6 sure does love that game about dolphins! The home alone movies got progressively worse, so did the parents…. Did Marc James order the Code Red? It looks like we found A Few Good Men on the show this week! We debate what was the most meidocore of 90’s Eddie Murphy Movies. Pop Quiz Hot Shot! What movie has 2 Bills and 2 types of Ice? Then Carlos rewinds December 92 Television for us! Captain Planet kids look very familiar. All of this and so much more.What were the prices of everything in 1992 you won’t believe it until you hear it! This week on The Poop Culture Podcast!
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