Poop Culture 113 – Mr Skin – Best Celeb Nude Scenes of 2017


This week Fellow Poopers, we are paid a visit by Mr. Skin from mrskin.com! Rick Mancrush and Marc James ask who would Mr. Skin want to punch in the face? We talk about the history of nude scenes on Cable Television. Mr. Skin got his dad to spend an extra $500 so his prepubescent son could dub extra nude scenes on a betamax machine. Is it true that Mr. Skins archives have been requested by the Smithsonian and could we have a “Nudeuseum” in our futures? Find out what the mrskin.com offices are really like! He tells us what being married is like in his line of work and about all the charity work he does as well! You won’t believe what Melanie Griffith did in an Olive Garden! The 80’s were a wild time for boobs on film, that is for sure! Natasha Kinski’s butt is a work of art, we all agree on that point! Marc James had a thing for Chicago native Nina Siemaszko from back in the days of Red Shoe Diaries and you won’t believe what Friends cast member she was banging on the show! Who is at the top of Mr. Skins and Marc James’s list of people he wants to see nude? Hear the true story of how Mr. Skin got into Judd Apatow’s Knocked Up! Will Mr. Skin survive a round of rapid fire questions from The Mancrush? Tune in now to this “skintastic” episode of The Poop Culture Podcast to find out! And to close it all out, Mr Skin brings us his “Top Ten Nude Scenes of 2017”!! This episode was brought to you by VALT – Stop losing all your passwords and go to www.valt.io/poop!