Poop Culture 112 – Hanging Tough


On this week’s installment from the stalls, we visit with Casey Bay, host extraordinaire from The Vantucky Fried Podcast. Casey tell us what we can expect from the PCEU’s latest addition. We are back this week with everyone’s new favorite segment! Random Thoughts With Rick! Poor Billy Bush, Tattoos and when society changed. Then Rick and Shawbag6 answer the Call of Dooty and recall outlandish stories from the enlisted. This weeks topic Sexual harassment in the workplace! What happens when old people try to watch shows on a DVR? Shawbag6 has a Hot Ticket about some general douchebaggery at the gym and are you still a tuff guy if your Camaro is the more economical and eco-friendly V6? We explore the dark underworld of Mom Groups on Facebook and the frustration over suburban angist and Parents who don’t know their own children well enough to know what they want for Christmas. Marc James won the parent of the year award when he got his son what, for Christmas! Rick Mancrush crushes a story about people who wear pajamas in public. Casey Bay comes up with the best idea since the Jerry Springer Show. Then we break down our ranking for a List of ultimate everyday movie badasses! You won’t want to miss some of these picks! Who would you add to our list? Listen and play along at home on this episode of The Poop Culture Podcast! www.poopculture.com #PCEU