Poop Culture 111 – People We’d Like to Punch


For Episode 111 of the program, The Poop Culture Crew crosses names off their lists. When we talk People who just look like they deserve a punch in the face. First, we start off the show with Random Thoughts with Rick where we turn over a few details about Miss Vanna White. Then we swirl down the bowl into Pat Sajak and the wonders of failed talk shows.
We recall the trials and tribulations of booking Jason Voorhees on your podcast and/or talk show.
Rick Mancrush wonders why life in prison, is not realy life in prison and we share some uplifting and inspiring news about Charlie Manson, he’s dead! Then we are very excited to announce the finalists for the 2017 Poop Culture Hall of Fame! Marc James tells a story that proves what women love, a man with a sense of humor. We talk basic Mancave etiquette and cleanliness, and reasons to be wary when you have blacklights in your mancave.

Then we channel our inner Frank Castle and draft a list of people whom are worthy of a punch in the face and they look like they need one sooo bad! What are the facial features of people that look like they need a punch in the face? Darel is like Arby’s He’s got the meat apparently!

Cockgrease…(ok there is not much I can type here that will inspire you to listen than the name of that product so I will just end right there.) What does Shawbag6 have against Stifler’s Mom, or who he thought was Stifler’s mom. Darel wants to know if Steve Jobs buried in a iTurtleneck?
Rick Mancrush does not cut anything when he tells us of his love the show Nip-Tuck. All of these topics and much much more! So you don’t forget, Listen before midnight tonight!