Poop Culture 108 – PCEU Weekend Getaway RICC


It’s almost time for the Gang of Grunge to hit the road! It’s Rhode Island Comic Con or bust! Joining us this week is Darell from the Bro-Ron’s Podcast now part of the PCEU Family! Darell talks about fighting in the Redneck Kumite, and how blowing all those guys ma…ahh..opps. How taking blows from all those guys may have contributed to him losing his sight.
The guys get real about Sensory Processing Disorder, and Darell apparent superhero like abilities and how great blow jobs are! Then we prepare for Rhode Island Comic Con, Poop Culture style with the RICC Brawl for it All! Listen as your favorite hosts pick from the incredible guest list of this years Rhode island Comic Con. In Order to formulate our best team to help us survive the mayhem if chaos were to erupt and everyone snaps and turns into soccer moms at Walmart on Black Friday! Who would you want to help you fight your way out and stay alive!
The Muscle dominated the first round well, until someone picked Pee-Wee Herman. How smart is Dolph Lundgren anyway? BTW, Netflix has ruined the way we watch TV for better or worse.
What hit TV shows has the best real life bad asses? Will we choose stars from The Walking Dead, The Dead Zone or The man who played Batman! Shawbag6 has a thing for the WWE Diva’s…then again who doesn’t? You won’t believe who Daryl says he would use as a “meat shield”! Marc James seem to have a foolproof plan, But Mancrush does not seem to buy into it! You be the judge. Then Marc James comes with a hot take on someone who he thinks would of been a better Rambo then Stallone!
We’re so excited for Rhode Island Comic Con, that we review all the panels for this coming weekend. Which one will you see Poop Culture at? If you go to RICC, use our Snapchat Geofilter and maybe you can win our special Mystery Poop Box!