Poop Culture 107 – Back to Basics


This week the Four Whoresmen of the Poopocalypse reunite once again to deliver a smattering of Poop News, Hot Tickets, and Missed Connections! The gang tries out a new recording system and now we have the great lost episode debacle.
It’s crazy what some school are banning. This is gone way too far, Fellow Poopers. Wait until you hear this! Then, Eric Mocker thinks that food allergies may be an effective way of thinning out the herd and by herd….. I mean children! We go over the fine art of fine tuning your TV to watch scrambled porn in all its green and pink glory. And, what do you do when people tell you how to do your job? You won’t believe what Eric takes pictures of at work all day schlong!
Marc James has a few tips on how teach people a lesson who grab your phone and scroll through your phone’s photos, when you just showed them one photo.

In honor of our friends at DickAtYourDoor.com who are sponsoring this episode, we decided to give you a diverse dose of dick stories this week! What’s worse than going to prison? Well, we tell you the answer and it’s a hard one to swallow! It’s amazing how Rick Mancrush can change a story just by omitting one word! Use code PCEU for free shipping!