Poop Culture 106 – Weng Weng at your door


Your mission this week Fellow Poopers if you choose to accept it is to come on a fantastic voyage with the Outlaws of the Outhouse, Rick Mancrush, Marc James, Shawbag6, Eric Mocker and last but not least Mr. Mike joins us from The Video Rangers Podcast and listen as we finally get the chance to talk with Andrew Leavold. He is the Writer, Director and producer for the amazing documentary “The Search for Weng Weng”. Before we talk with Andrew, Adam from “Dick at your Door” stops by the show to talk a little shop and share some great stories. Adam finally puts to rest all the rumors and worry people have about anonymously sending someone a big chocolate Dick in a Box. Find out how YOU can help pick the next hit product from Dick at your Door, then send it anonymously to whomever you want! Use code PCEU for free shipping, and send one to someone you love…..or loathe.