Poop Culture 105- Yelp Reviews at the Bates Motel


On this week’s program the boys shoot the poop and explore how technology could ruin movies, in an all new Showdown! First though we once again cover the finer points of the word C**t. Then we mourn the passing of the great AOL Instant Messenger. Rick Mancrush discovers that our guest once again this week Alex from The Boondoggle, has Parental PTSD. Marc James loves the Meat Spin Doctors all while Shawbag6 played a game called Kill the man with the football when he was a kid, apparently.
How would the use of tech ruin classic movie plot devices? Mancrush gives us a call back to some creepy pasta, or is it? Ferris Bueller would of gotten caught if everyone had cell phones. Is Melanie Griffith really the hotter Meg Ryan? The Adventures in Babysitting would of been a lot less with Uber! How do the Yelp! reviews from the Bates Motel Read, Alex fills us in.
Was the Passion of the Christ really just a date make out movie? We found a way to wrap up The Terminator faster than Eric Mocker.