Poop Culture 104 – Make-ahh-Wish


Welcome back into the stall! This week the posse of poop assemble to bring you a dose of Poop News, a few shenanigans and a round of Truth Be Told! Alex from The Boondoggle just want a blumpkin! So we step in to form the first Poop Culture Make-ahh-Wish! Rick Mancrush gives us an update on a Poop News story from a past episode. Can you only give a Cremini Mushroom Stamp? Then we find out if there really something called Space Weed? DJ from Just In Time Podcast breaks down the bud scene on the west coast for us east coast boys. Specialty and artisan weed may be a scam and you may not be getting what you think! Some people are bat sh!t crazy because they are drinking literal coffee that a bat sh!t.
Pre-order your Alex Man-Boy Magic Beans Now! Holy Diabolical Dabs! We discuss whipping out the wax! DJ says he wants to smoke with Be Real or Doug Benson but then again who doesn’t? Marc James and DJ break down the facts about CBD Oils and pain management. Shawbag6 serves us up a six pack of beer and you will never believe what the secret ingredient is! Then we think Mancrush may have a Mancrush on Yanni? Mancrush come to the aid of Marty Jannetty then we stay in the squared circle and check in with the Nature Boy Ric Flair. Then Jamie Mocker joins Shawbag6, Marc James and Rick Mancrush for another great segment of the smash hit game “Truth Be Told” You won’t want to miss this one. Who is the best liar and who will win this week! Tune in and play along at home!
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