97 – We’re Old, but not TOO old for Kangaroo Cort


On this the 97th episode, Rick Mancrush, Marc James, Eric Mocker and Shawbag6 ponder their own mortality and long for the more fruitful years…or you could just say we b*tch about gettin’ old! We are pleased to tell you that this week’s show is brought to you by our friends at the NerdRoast Coffee Co. A premium roast to order coffee company, with a nerdy twist. Visit them at www.nerdroast.com & use promo code PCEU for 20% off your order! Maybe it is a getting old thing but as we find out some people are coffee snobs. Hear what happened when The Mancrush went under The Knife! Some of us are not only old but fat as well…so of course we b*tch about that! NO! We actually did something about that. How much has Beau Becraft lost since joining Rick and Shawbag6 on the Keto diet and will Marc James ever join them? Eric Mocker steps up this week with a onslaught of rants and raves that are surely not to be missed.


We might be old, but not too old to act like juveniles! So this week, we take Shawbag6 to Kangaroo court for his actions during episode 96. Was Ben in the wrong? Just who shot JR? Take a listen for yourself, as we have included some of the juicy tidbits from 96 that hit the cutting room floor!