Miracle Mile (1988) It’s A Miracle You Haven’t Seen This Movie

Mad Max Escapes New York for the Planet Of The Apes, or maybe Hell Comes To Frog Town to buy a Cherry 2000. Somewhere below the fantastic is one of the most unique movies most of us have never seen. Miracle Mile (1988) stars Anthony Edwards (Revenge Of The Nerds) as a muscian who finally finds the girl of his dreams when a chance phone call tells him the nuclear war has started and the missles will strike LA in 70 Minutes.
I can’t remember a film that both intrigued and disturbed me quite like this. Maybe Panic In Year Zero or the best episodes of the Twilight Zone. This Cold War thriller is no Red Dawn and its far from Travoltas Experts but it earns its place among the abundance of films the arms race assembeld. Its Invasion U.S.A. minus Chuck Norris and a Cannon Films logo.
The famous City Of Angels road known as the Miracle Mile is the perfect setting as we watch society panic and crumble in under 2 hours. A man who races to find a woman he just met in time to escape the city faces every obsticle as civilization breaks down around him climaxing into a ballsy anti Hollywood ending. Director and writer Steve De Jarnatt (Cherry 2000) creates a perfectly paced stylish oddity. Neon lights in a black and white world. While not without its faults and definitly not a crowd pleaser Miracle Mile is an interesting addition to an oversaturated genre of apocalyptic films.
The PCEU reminds you to mark Soylent Green Day on your Mayan Calander, keep your balance in an earthquake, dont stare at comets, walk through the zombies and beware of the Triffids. Let the good reels roll and cover your cloths in popcorn, lets watch some movies.