HorrorPack leaves the tough choices to the experts

By Tommy Dively

September came and went. Fall has officially begun. Murder and mayhem are front-and-center this month. So what better may to kick off the spooky festivities than to curl up with a real scare of a flick?

October is the month of scares, of trick-or-treaters planning the perfect candy route; of friends and family planning the perfect group costumes. At the center of all of this fun lies the gooey nugget-center of All Hallows Eve: Fear. That’s why Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers will never die; the better the scare the bigger the rush as you realize that, at least this time, Freddy Krueger won’t be crawling through the television to nab the audience. Or at least we can hope.

HorrorPack.com understands that at the center of Halloween fun is a good horror movie. That film that just grabs you with its otherworldly or supernatural menace, the horror flicks that seem to be grounded in our world as our heroes run from the killer, even monster movies will make the hairs on your arm stick straight up before you go running for cover behind the couch. At the end of the day, getting scared is FUN because you get to survive, to be the Final Girl or Guy as your own story as you watch from the safety that lies in hiding beneath your blanket.

The toughest question then is which film to watch tonight? Well, thanks to HorrorPack.com, the tough choices are left to their experts while you simply wait for the mail. With HorrorPack’s affordable pricing, all it takes it a subscription and they send you the films. And the best part: the movies are yours to keep and share. This month they sent a collection of great scares: Orlok, Devil May Call, Thirst, and Tremors. Variety is the spice of life and HorrorPack’s movie experts clearly know how to set up a menacing movie marathon.

You start the four-movie jam with an idea that you’re brave, that films can’t scare you anymore. About an hour into Orlok you realize you’re clutching your friend’s arm a little too tightly as you watch a creature created by Satan’s lieutenant himself. This 1922 silent classic packs a punch that still resonates to this day.

After watching that terrifying demonic tale, you want something more modern and grounded. What better than Devil May Call, a 2013 thriller featuring a lockdown and a very angry ex-patient.

It is getting really hard not to go looking for your old teddy bear to clutch in fear, so you decide maybe something more sophisticated. How about the critically acclaimed South Korean Thirst, which won the 2009 Cannes Film Festival Jury Prize. It is a beautiful viewing and features a great medical twist behind the origins of vampirism.

It is getting late and nearing bedtime so perhaps time for one more movie? You should watch something a little lighter anyway before you sleep to avoid nightmares. The perfect and clear choice is the 1990 American classic and cult favorite Tremors. Starring the incomparable Kevin Bacon, the stellar Fred Ward, Michael Gross as the legendary Burt Gummer, the man we should give thanks to for continuing the series by starring in four of the five films and most of the television spinoff. Still, none of those compare to outlandish monsters and hilarious banter these characters share as they fight to survive. People die in awful ways but, if you have a twisted enough mind, it is a truly fun watch.

That was an ideal movie marathon, and now I own them all and can share with family and friends. Clearly HorrorPack.com is the only choice you need to make this Halloween season and let their experts choose the rest.

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