Goodbye 60 Days In! It’s 3 hrs of 90 Day Fiance + Mockumendations and more!


It’s Episode Twenty-Six of The Mockers Podcast and Eric takes in Dr. Strange with a gaggle of friends (3:00) Three more hours of ’90 Day Fiance’ are discussed in detail (10:00) The boys say goodbye to Maples, Noel and Clark County Jail (23:00) Eric’s Movie Crush Ben Affleck and his upcoming gangster movie ‘Live By Night’ are featured in the Trailer of the Week Segment (29:00) Ryan Fitzpatrick’s injury is celebrated but does it actually help the Jets? (32:00) Two horror movies are reviewed in The Weekly Mockumendations (36:00) Finally, Conor Oberst’s “Ruminations’ is discussed (44:00) Thanks for listening to The Mockers Podcast and check out all the great podcasts that are part of the Electronic Media Collective!