#GetOut, An Epic #AYTO battle between Eric & Andy, plus is Jamie HS working with Russia!?


It’s Episode Forty-Two of The Mockers Podcast and the boys are joined by Jamie HS to talk about Andy’s handyman debut (3:00) ‘Get Out’ is seen by the whole gang but how many thumbs up did they give it? (8:00) The Trailer of the Week returns with a look at what is sure to be a summer comedy hit (15:00) Andy and Eric travel down Reality Avenue and almost come to blows about the future of ‘Are You The One’ (18:00) The Challenge continues to heat up and Eric dreams up a revenge golden shower (26:00) 60 Days In sees five cast members enter the Fulton County Jail (31:00) A scintillating Mockumendations segment sees a repeat winner and a controversial selection (39:00) Thanks for listening to The Mockers Podcast and please enjoy all the great podcasts that are part of the Electronic Media Collective!