Flake Eclipse


break from the norm (no pun intended Norm). DJ goes solo for the first time as RedKorn and Rookie both flake. A bit of a bounce between flakes, rude people and hearing the same joke for hours at a time.Things also take a bit of a serious turn as DJ goes down the rabbit hole alone and possibly has a moment of temporary weakness. Next week we’ll be back to normal we promise.

Intro: “Yours to Keep” from the album “Songs of the Great Collapse” by John Frickin Smith. Purchase song and album on iTunes or at http://www.johnfrickinsmith.com/

Don’t forget to hear our one on one interviews, leading up to our all-together finale with Rob from the Random Ramblings w/Rob podcast at http://randomrobcast.com/podcast

Next week’s sexy street fight will be between Kathy Bates and Rosanne Barr(for real this time hehe). Leave us a voicemail or hit us up on social media to let us know your pick.

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