Episode 22: Theunis Wessels


When the world could have taken him by storm, he did the opposite, and with one photo taken by his wife, Canadian homeowner Theunis Wessels was a viral sensation overnight. He’s the man you’ve seen circulating the internet, mowing his yard with an F1 tornado looming in the background. Learn more about the story and the man at the center of it all during my chat with him on this episode! Plus, Beau discovers a new local business with live entertainment you’re actually encouraged to listen to! And, will friend of the show and Mancountry spearhead Corey Samuels return for an upcoming Beaucephus Buddies episode with the new crown of “Keokuk’s Hottest Dad?” The answer to this question and more lies ahead on episode 22 of The Beaucephus Broadcast!