Episode 18: Carter Wilkerson of #NuggsForCarter


16-year-old Carter Wilkerson has the world by the nuggets — quite literally. With one tweet and a viral hashtag (#NuggsForCarter), he took the world by storm. And along the way, he broke the record for most retweets (previously held by archrival Ellen DeGeneres) of all-time. Now, Carter’s wish for a year supply of free chicken nuggets has come true thanks to that the internet. But, Carter isn’t trying to milk his newfound prominence for his own self-interest. He’s using it for charitable causes. The Nevada teenager discusses his whirlwind month, how he wound up on Ellen, and what he wants to do using his newfound stardom from here. Plus, Beau muses on Busch Light and talks about his latest ideas for The Beaucephus Broadcast. All of that and more await you on episode 18 of The Beaucephus Broadcast!