Episode 102 – A Side of Scorpions, No MSG Please.


Welcome back into the stall for episode 102 of The Poop Culture Podcast! This week Fellow Poopers we peer in the periodicals and push out some positivity perfect poop news items. Hear all the details on the most recent PCEU get together and all I am going to tell you is that it involves Eastern Europe, Lucha Libre and Trains with a side of savory Scorpions, hold the MSG please. What the hell are Rescue Brides and how can you get one of your own? Rick Mancrush is Lit this week, and not for the reason you think. Eric Mocker comes to terms with turning 40 and the side effects. Poop Culture Public Service Announcement: Beware of the Mad Pooper! Mancrush takes us all on a Tour Of Dooty with a taint-alizing tale. Hot Ticket item of the week is when people expect you to handle their dirty electronics. All this and so much more…

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