Episode 10: Irish Road Bowling


The show is on the road! Episode 10 of The Beaucephus Broadcast was recorded (mostly) on location in St. Patrick, Missouri during the town’s annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration! Joining Beau for this episode are his three oldest friends, Lance Smith, Patrick Parsons, and Kyle Hoskinson — collectively known as Team Kilwinning. For this particular venture, the guys are known as “The Bowl Jobs,” their 2017 Irish Road Bowling team. What is Irish Road Bowling? Listen in as the boys break it down for you and provide witty (and vulgar) commentary on a variety of subjects in the process. Also on this episode, Beau talks about the Official Vehicle of The Beaucephus Broadcast (his 2004 Buick LeSabre) blowing craps in a grocery store parking lot, a Sunday morning trip to the local urgent care facility, and insomnia-watching HBO documentaries about heroin addicts. That bag of sunshine and more awaits you on episode 10 of The Beaucephus Broadcast!